Quick-acting thickness gauges

Different measuring ranges, measuring depths and measuring anvils make the CORDIX Quick-Acting Thickness Gauges to universal usable measuring instruments. The rigid frame is made out of a special light metal alloy and supplies a easy handling. Even longer usage appears not fartique. Measuring probe and dial gauge housing are resistant against corrosion. The right angular measuring bar of the SERIE 3000 is insensitive against shock and provides a special protection against torsion.
It is important that you choose the suitable measuring depth (T), measuring range (B) and measuring anvils (F) for your application.

As a special advantage of the CORDIX quick acting thickness gauges our clients appreciate the possiblity of the easy adjustment of the parallelism of the anvils and the indicator position.

A) Adjustment of parallelism of the anvils:
1. Loosen screw
2. Push anvils together
3. Tighten screw
B) Adjustment of indicator position:
1. Loosen nut
2. Move anvil until indicator is pointing zero
3. Tighten nut